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181 Bay St
Brighton, VIC 3186

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FitLane is a boutique personalised group training fitness studio in Brighton, Victoria. We design our workouts to incorporate compound movements using Whole Body Vibration Training on VibroGym machines as a foundation. Research has proven that a 20 minute workout on the VibroGym provides benefits equivalent to an hour of standard gym training. Whole Body Vibration Training provides wide reaching benefits ranging from improved fitness and weight loss, reduced stress, improved circulation and balance, increased strength, flexibility and improved bone density.

Our Whole Body Vibration Training is complemented by TRX, ViPR, kettlebells, sandbags, barbells and more to create a harmonious pattern of contractions in multiple muscle groups. Unlike traditional training of the muscular and cardiovascular system, we aim to stimulate the nervous system, ultimately creating a stronger link between mind and body.

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