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Welcome to Sports Media and Entertainment 360 (SME 360) which we established officially in November 2015. Our aim is to create a renowned Sports marketing, events management and media company incorporating the unparalleled knowledge that my partners and I have gained from over 30 years’ experience in the industry.
We are proud to be an Australian company with plans to initially focus on the Asia Pacific region.
Our strength lies within our integrity, friendliness, professionalism, industry expertise and knowledge.
SME 360 has raised significant funding to ensure our future growth and expansion plans are achieved. Our first two acquisitions have just been completed. SME 360 now owns the mass participation business, Supersprint and also the Great Australian Swim Series. These initial acquisitions have provided us with a highly talented and energetic team.
We have very ambitious plans and other acquisitions in the pipeline. We look forward to becoming a significant force within the industry.

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