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Australia's Solid Gold Security provides an online one-stop shop for the safety and security of the commercial, business and residential sectors – and, of course, your person! - at the most affordable rates. You will find everything you need here to ensure a complete solution to your security needs.

Our philosophy of assisting you to 'Do-It-Yourself' has several points in its favour:

- it enables us to offer more competitive prices, which

- saves you time and money

- it enables you to maintain your privacy more effectively

- itemised selling means no middle man

Our service aims to set the benchmark for the security industry by offering the most innovative, cutting-edge products and including an advisory service for those experiencing technical issues.

Whatever your safety or security problem, we will have the solution, from the home security system the crime statistics and news tell us every home should have, through your personal security, to the necessary installation at your business or commercial property.

Home Security

The entire range of products to provide you with complete home safety and security can be found here; CCTV cameras for cars or hidden in smoke detectors, mirrors, alarm clocks, etc; hidden safes in everyday objects such as wall clocks and books; alarm and access control systems, a doorstop alarm, PIR cameras, digital video doorbells and peephole door viewers. Our wireless WIFI IR LED 2 Audio IP camera has a nine channel browser view with auto search, remote playback, two-way audio, remote control and much more (available in five languages), and can be used to watch over a sleeping child as well as the house in general. These are only a sample of our home security product range.

Business & Commercial Security

We supply the entire range of business security products such as CCTV systems, PCI video capture, Dome CMOS colour CCTV cameras and DC 12v 2000MA camera power supplies. These systems give a greater sense of security at night, provide evidence for police identification and insurance claims, discourage crimes and theft in the first place and, of course, are fully tax deductible.

Automotive Security

Another important area to be protected for both individuals and businesses is that of cars and other vehicles. We supply everything you need from personal alcohol testers and anti-nausea wristbands to anti-sleep alert alarms, DVR cameras and key chain hidden camera/recorders, along with all the information required to ensure your security and safety while at the wheel.


Surveillance systems have become an absolute necessity in this day and age, and we supply the complete range of products including CCTV finders, hidden cameras, bug detectors, wireless signal detectors and signal blockers.

Personal Security

All the essentials for the individual, especially those who have to be out and about at night and where they might feel vulnerable. We offer covert cameras, hidden cameras in pens, watches, etc, mobile signal blocking bags, survival cards, and much more, all of which is easy to carry around in your car, bag, pocket or purse.

Solid Gold Security is a Better Option

We believe we offer one of the best options around, with a comprehensive solution to every security question at the lowest rates you can find. With our assistance you will be able to relax, knowing you and your valuables are secure and that if the worst should happen, you'll have no regrets for not doing your best to prevent it and no need to apologise to the police.

One of the best points to remember is that all our devices can be self-installed so there are no installation costs involved (although we are happy to advise in the case of problems) and you know therefore exactly how everything works and can be self-reliant with regard to most maintenance work and repairs, rather than risking huge losses while waiting for external help to arrive, in the event of a failure.

We hope that this has been of help to you or your business.

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