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Sydney, NSW 2037
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Loose Leaf Literature Loose Leaf Literature is one of the popular place listed under Community Organization in Sydney , Arts & Entertainment in Sydney ,

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Loose Leaf Literature is a night to celebrate word art in all its forms and shine a light on the story-tellers, singers, rappers, comedians and poets of Sydney, held on the last Monday of each month at Lazybones Bar in Marrickville.

Performances on the night vary wildly, from stand up comics and sobering poetry to hip hop artists and fantasy short stories, spoken word artists and lyricists of all kinds.

Our only concern is our love of words: be they offensive, up-lifting, self-indulgent or inspiring. Each artist is given the opportunity to discuss their influences and inspirations, giving background to their work and leading to a deeper connection between the art, the artist and the audience.

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