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Klara Cosmetics is the first concentrated range of superior quality cosmetics made with 100% colour pigmentation.

Named after its visionary founder – Klara Sabotkoski –the innovative makeup line provides every woman with the result that professionals have been striving towards for years. “Professional Makeup for Life”: this is how Klara sums up its vision. The inaugural range that launched in Australia in 2013 sold out within the first week, with makeup gurus and beauty connoisseurs addicted to the on trend palettes and high performance products.

Using the best possible ingredients from the most reputable suppliers worldwide, Klara’s hyper pigmented formulas allow a three dimensional look that make eyes sparkle and lips pop. They give the illusion that the wearer’s skin is glowing from within. The extensive and edgy colour assortment inspires creativity and self-expression. The long-lasting performance and blendable texture make it practical and divine to wear.

Sexy, audacious and totally fashion-forward, Klara’s distinctive all-colour concentration challenges the concept of makeup with a brand new category – the ‘Eau de Parfum of Cosmetics’.

100% Colour Pigmentation

Klara brings colours to their maximum saturation, delivering a phenomenal range of pure shades that are truly unique in the market. Pigments are used in their highest possible concentration, creating a stunning coverage and an unrivalled, high voltage result.

When you try Klara’s products for the first time, you will instantly see why it is so different. While most makeup brands require you to apply the product several times to achieve the desired coverage, Klara’s concentrated colours give you an intense and long-lasting result right away, even with the smallest quantity.

This is why Klara is “Eau de Parfum of Cosmetics”. This is how the beauty addiction begins!

Become a Klara Cosmetics Stockist

When you become a Klara Cosmetics Stockist, you will receive more than a superior range of high quality cosmetics. Here’s why why you should join Klara’s beauty dream:

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For further information on how to become a Klara Cosmetics Stockist, please contact us at: 03 87540003 - info@klaracosmetics.com

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