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Enjoyed by Aussie families for generations, Gravox has been topping our meals since before the Aussie dollar, the Opera House and even the Harbour bridge. That’s a long time. And a lot of delicious dinners.

This household name was first registered in 1917 and came about by combining the words gravy and Oxo. Genius. Since 1953 Cerebos has been responsible for keeping us stocked with Gravox, and for all the new sauces and flavours we’ve enjoyed.

A provider of the classics, like traditional gravy powder, to all our newest favourites, Gravox continues to update and improve its range with over 40 product lines. There is a dedicated research and development team in Sydney’s Seven Hills, who we have to thank for our modern flavours and innovations like the convenient heat and serve liquid gravies.

As well as looking after our meals, the company now employs over 400 Aussies and has offices in every state – to make sure our favourite sauces are always on hand.

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