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Surry Hills, NSW 2010

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Our GOAL is to create a network of health conscious people who are high achievers within our community. We all share the same goals of leading a healthy lifestyle. We believe that networking within a community that shares the same passion for health & fitness will benefit our members. Our positive outlook and community focus helps inspire our members to achieve their best fitness levels.


Funktional Community thinks outside the box and provides exercise regimes based on varied functional movements at a high intensity, outside the four walls of an impersonal gym. Our HIIT / strength and conditioning programs are accessible and scalable for everyone of all ages and abilities.
It only takes 45 minutes to partake in a high intensity workout coached by our trainers and coaches.

Our constantly evolving training program includes rowing movements, kettlebells, step ups, jumps ropes, running and more. We start with basic functional movements and progress to complex movements. Our mantra is not one of meeting short-term goals. We not only provide the means for excellent exercise - we provide a fun and social environment in which to exercise in! You will love being a part of our community, which will, in-turn result in adopting a lifestyle based on all-encompassing health and fitness. Our program will revolutionise the way you train, look and feel. But most important of all is the community that you are a part of – the results achieved are not only attributable to our high-quality coaching staff, but to your fellow comrades.


Not only do we allow you to get back to nature and train in the beautiful outdoors, we create an environment where you are surrounded by people and coaches that greet you by your first name, care to recognise your goals, and cheer you on - especially when you are struggling. We achieve our goal of helping as many people as we can to get past the finish line each and every session.

We are not building just another gym, together we are building a community!


We offer reasonable pricing plans that allow for flexibility and saving. Our memberships do not come with any contractual obligations and are created to suit your personal needs.

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