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Fiit Chick Transformations is a Female only group-training program designed to transform the lives of over 1 million Australian Females by the year 2020.

With a combination of fun, challenging workouts, nutritional advice and an amazing support network, Fiit Chicks takes care of the many areas needed to make a complete transformation.

Fiit Chick Transformations currently operates in 25 Australian locations, and is fast becoming the go to program for females looking to not only transform their bodies but more importantly transforming their lives as a whole.

At Fiit Chicks our core philosophy is more about creating healthy, sustainable lifestyle changes rather than a get fixed quick scheme.

Gyms can be an intimidating, uncomfortable environment for many women. Fiit Chicks offer an indoor and or outdoor environment, so women can train all year round.

For information on how you can join a Fiit Chick location near you, simply visit: and take us up on the easy to get started FREE tryout.

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