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381 Swan Street
Richmond, VIC 3121

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Ever seen those amazing before and after health transformations?

You know the ones where you have to do a double take?

We do that – but for real, with a stellar track record to back it up.

Enterprise Fitness is the personal training studio that sets the gold standard. From champion athletes and competitors to everyday transformations, Enterprise is well-known for it's leading expertise in personal training and the results it delivers.

We pride ourselves in the highest level of service, and it’s our specialised knowledge that sets us apart.

We work closely with each Enterprise member, and get sustainable results in a safe, healthy and effective time frame. Our ultimate goal is to make health and fitness a part of your lifestyle.

However, please don’t be confused, we don’t only train fitness competitors, we work with a broad spectrum of people with one commonality- they’re all serious about making a positive change and getting the results they have always wanted.

Maybe you want to lose 10-15 kilos. Or you just want to get a ‘little’ leaner. Or you want to build muscle.

Wherever you are right now is perfect and we can help you.

No other studio in the world has the reputation and community quite like Enterprise. Find out how we can make your dreams a reality – contact us now to make an appointment! (And no, this appointment won’t cost you a dime)

Email: info@enterprisefitness.com.au
Address: 381 Swan Street Richmond
Phone number: 1300 887 143

Or just send us a Facebook message!

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