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Welcome to the official Dreamworld Australia Facebook Page. We have a very big and friendly Facebook community, and to ensure that everyone can enjoy our page, we have a few simple guidelines to help you out.

What we love:
>Shares, likes, and comments on content posted both by us and our fans that you find enjoyable.
>Comments and feedback! We want to hear everything you have to say about our park!
>Friends! We are one big friendly community, and as such should all make sure we are respecting others when making comments.
>Gum leaves…(Kenny’s contribution)
>Photos of you and your friends and family enjoying our park, but before posting make sure you have permission from everyone in the pic to post online.
>Originality! Make sure the things you post are your own and not borrowed from somebody else.
>Sharing! We love your posts so much that from time to time we want to share them for everyone in our community to see, so make sure you don’t post anything you wouldn’t want shared.
>Talking to all of our Facebook friends! Kenny and Belinda can’t be here all the time (there are just so many rides to go on!) so if you do have a question you need answering quickly, check out our FAQ tab. If your answer isn’t there, give our friendly reception team a call on 07 5588 1111.

What we’re not so keen on:
>Deleting things and banning people! So please follow all of these guidelines so we don’t have to!
>Naughty words and adult themes. They are a no-no on our family friendly page, and will have to be deleted, so be sure to keep it clean.
>Meanies. We love fun and jokes and smiles, so please don’t post anything that could be seen as defamatory, discriminatory, hateful, threatening, unlawful, offensive, antagonistic or 'trollish' as we will have to delete it.
>Imposters. Please be you, and don’t pretend to be anyone else.
>Running out of gum leaves…thankfully that never happens as the wildlife team here always keep me in good supply….(Kenny. Again.)
>Advertising. Our page is all about Dreamworld and our friends, so please don’t advertise your product or service as we will have to remove it.

We hope these guidelines help you enjoy our page and are looking forward to seeing all of your Dreamworld stories, photos and videos on our page!

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