Best Physical Fitness in Ballarat

  • Fernwood Ballarat

    1.Fernwood Ballarat

    102 - 106 Lydiard Street
    Hot 5.21183

    Personal Trainer Physical Fitness Yoga & Pilates
  • Physipole Studios Ballarat

    2.Physipole Studios Ballarat

    31 Peel st sth
    Hot 4.96905

    Physical Fitness
  • Infinite MMA

    3.Infinite MMA

    401 Lal Lal st, Canadian
    Hot 4.75891

    Sports/recreation/activities Martial Arts Fitness Center Physical Fitness
  • F45 Training Ballarat CBD

    4.F45 Training Ballarat CBD

    33 Armstrong St Sth

    Sports/recreation/activities Gym Physical Fitness
  • Bek Meadows Fitness

    5.Bek Meadows Fitness

    307A Dana Street

    Sports/recreation/activities Fitness Center Physical Fitness
  • smActive


    First Floor 1-15 Norwich Plaza
    Hot 4.0868

    Professional services Physical Fitness Fitness Center Professional Services
  • Peace & Quiet: A Wellbeing Centre

    7.Peace & Quiet: A Wellbeing Centre

    719 Sturt St
    Hot 3.49205

    Spas/beauty/personal care Physical Fitness Spas/Beauty/Personal Care
  • Peak Fitness and Nutrition

    8.Peak Fitness and Nutrition

    326 Dowling street

    Sports/recreation/activities Physical Fitness Personal Trainer Nutritionist
  • Kangatraining Ballarat

    9.Kangatraining Ballarat

    Eastwood street

    Sports/recreation/activities Physical Fitness
  • Fitness Ballarat

    10.Fitness Ballarat

    Hot 3.08987

    Sports venue Physical Fitness Fitness Center Women's Health
  • Jete Exploring Dance

    11.Jete Exploring Dance

    4 Boak Avenue

    Sports/recreation/activities School Physical Fitness
  • DHR Personal Training

    12.DHR Personal Training

    6 Raydon Ct, Delacombe
    Hot 2.51423

    Sports/recreation/activities Personal Trainer Physical Fitness Gym
  • Taylor Belshaw- Health & Fitness

    13.Taylor Belshaw- Health & Fitness


    Physical Fitness Personal Trainer Medical & Health
  • Jakob McDowell Fitness

    14.Jakob McDowell Fitness

    876 Humffray Street South
    Hot 2.42877

    Sports/recreation/activities Personal Trainer Physical Fitness
  • Sam Hambrook Fitness Jetts Wendouree

    15.Sam Hambrook Fitness Jetts Wendouree

    901 howitt street

    Sports/recreation/activities Physical Fitness Gym Personal Trainer
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