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6A Brechin Drive
Narre Warren, VIC 3805
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About Bujinkan Melbourne

Bujinkan Melbourne Bujinkan Melbourne is one of the popular place listed under School in Narre Warren , Martial Arts in Narre Warren ,

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Practitioners are taught a complete training curriculum involving both 'unarmed' and 'armed' self-defence skills...

To start with practitioners will be equipped with skills such as punching, kicking, joint locks, throws, constrictions, pressure points, nerve strikes, grappling, ground fighting, grab escapes, knife defence, evasions, psychological controls, defending against multiple attackers, rolling and break-falling.

...then there is a comprehensive weapons training program that is second-to-none, using safety training weapons such as:

- Tanto (Knife)
- Bokken (Sword)
- Kusari Fundo (Weighted Chain)
- Hanbo (Half-staff)
- Tanbo (2 foot stick)
- Shuriken (throwing stars & shafts)
- Teppan (small flat metal plate)
- Shoto or Wakazashi (short sword)
- Naginata (halberd - curved blade spear)
- Hojo (rope)
- Tessen ('iron' fan - 1 foot)
- Yawara (short stick 6" to 12")
- Rokushaku Bo (6 foot staff)
- Kama (sickle)
- Kusari Gama (chain & sickle)
- Kyoketsu Shoge (straight/hooked blade+flexible weapon)
- Yari (spear)
- Metsubishi (blinding powders)
- Shuko (hand claws)
- Aruki (foot spikes)
- Jutte (forked truncheon)
- Kunai (ninja specialty tool)
- Pistol (hand gun), and
- Shotgun (12 Gauge Magnum).

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