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350 The Kingsway Caringbah
Sydney, NSW 2229
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About Awaken Crystals and Gifts

Awaken Crystals and Gifts Awaken Crystals and Gifts is one of the popular place listed under Shopping/retail in Sydney , Shopping & Retail in Sydney ,

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Our showroom is directly opposite Caringbah Railway station, very close to Cronulla Beach in Sydney, Australia. We are open 6 days a week.
The facebook albums, as well as our ONLINE SHOP are synchronised with our physical shop, and it changes on a daily basis.

ONLINE orders, particularly Crystal pieces are chosen from the best of our stock, and we go out of our way to ensure that we honour your order with pieces that you will be happy to receive.

PAGE OWNERS are requested not to post adverts on this page, and no offence is intended by the instant removal of your posts. It has become necessary for us to simply remove all posts that are intended purely to advertise via our page. We are not trying to offend anyone or disrespect their business, and encourage you to find different ways to market your business.

We also immediately remove negative comments or feedback that is more appropriately sent as a private message. For example, a comment about the pricing of an item. We stock items that offer value for money as well as premium pieces. A person who knows their crystals and/or jewellery quality will understand rarer or finer items cost more, and someone who doesn't might simply complain.

We do not have time to defend individual item prices, or even to enter discussion about them. Your comment will simply be deleted. If you would like to discuss an item please email us privately.

If you have any kind of feedback, good or bad, please feel free to email us to discuss it, we will reply as soon as we can.

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